The products of the collection, thanks to rigorous research and in full respect of nature, are made of structured cellulose (KS56) composed of mixed percentages of wood fiber, recycled paper and natural glues obtained from pea starch, finished externally in " Solid Green ", a technique patented by Staygreen for the realization of a completely ecological product. All Staygreen items are the result of craftsmanship applied at every stage of the production process, from the processing of raw materials to the finishes, carried out by hand. In production, great importance is given to the management of consumption, the monitoring of emissions and the reduction of waste. CATAS certifications, combined with technology applied to Staygreen products, represent the added value of the company. Thanks to continuous quality control, Italian design, compliance with sustainability criteria and attention to detail, the Staygreen collection is a perfect example of Made in Italy.
The sheets of kraft paper used by Staygreen have a simple composition, consisting of two flat paper surfaces called "covers" which enclose a double wave paper and bind together with the use of natural adhesives. Kraft paper is 100% recyclable and biodegradable. Its reuse not only allows significant economic savings, but also guarantees respect for the environment, significantly reducing the volume of waste that reaches the landfill. In Italy about 80% of the fiber used for the production of corrugated cardboard derives from recycled material called "pulp" and only 20% of the fiber used is virgin fiber from the forests. With the introduction of the new regulations related to the packaging sector, kraft paper has confirmed itself as a highly ecological material.
All Staygreen products, designed and handmade in Italy, are offered with the "Solid Green" finish, composed of ecological, environmentally friendly, one-component and non-polluting mortars, which allows the products to be used in covered outdoor spaces such as verandas, greenhouses or covered terraces. Staygreen items are available in seven different Solid Green shades: gold, silver, bronze, black, white, gray and taupe.


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