• A New Concept of Luxury

  • A New Concept of Luxury

  • A New Concept of Luxury

  • A New Concept of Luxury


Sustainability in the details

Not just a brand. A new way of experiencing design. Between creativity and modernity. A conscious design, attentive to the future, capable of offering a vision of modern and refined furnishings, which combines elegance and refinement. Inspired by the gifts of nature, all our products enhance the natural beauty of the material used, by virtue of the charm and exclusivity of the corrugated cardboard texture. The end result is a product that conveys a feeling of authentic relaxation, thanks to the sinuous lines and natural colors. Sustainability is the value that best reflects our image. Responding to this need, we carefully selected the raw materials and studied the design to obtain a unique and innovative final result. The signature of our designers and the CATAS certification guarantee quality, reliability and safety, to the benefit of both the final consumer and the environment.

“I think having land and not ruining it is the
most beautiful art that anybody could ever want.”

Andy Warhol


Craftsmanship of unique materials

In addition to the unique textures that characterize all Staygreen products, we would like to emphasize the technique used in the finishes. "Solid Green" is a Staygreen patent, in full respect of an eco-sustainable project. The procedure, foreseen in the last phases of the fiber manufacturing process, gives our product the best resistance and impermeability.
We are committed to developing a solution that could allow our furnishings to be water-repellent, fireproof and resistant to wear and impacts, to meet all the needs of our customers. This technique allows the products to be used also in covered outdoor spaces, creating solutions that eliminate the boundaries between inside and outside. All this makes Staygreen a brand also suitable for contract and furnishing public spaces, which require specific certifications.


The signature of the artists
Roberto Pamio
+ partners
Setsu &
Shinobu Ito
Ludovica +
Roberto Palomba
Alfonso Femia


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